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Cut or uncut that is the question.

This preference varies from person to person however I personally am a fan of uncut cocks. Uncut penises have more sensitivity so the man feels more pleasure, and I feel like it is easier for me to take bigger cocks as well as handle longer sessions in the sack without getting sore. Additionally when it comes to anal uncut cocks seem to slip in with so much ease its exhilarating.

So they are more sensitive, they are easier for girls to handle in time and size, and they make girls excited for anal sex...sounds too good to be true right? Well there is one small catch.

A lot of men that are not clipped fail to know how to maintain their junk.

The quickest way to turn a girl off is by the sense of smell. Yes smell. Now I know this isn't the sexiest topic but that is the point. Imagine a hot make out session you both are ripping your clothes off and she goes to start blowing you and she finishes as soon as she started. The reason may be there is some funk going on down there.

Uncut me need to take extra care of their goods below than cut men. That extra skin is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. That being said when you are showering it is very crucial to pull your skin back and wash thoroughly with soap and water, and rinse. It sounds like it would be obvious however I have met a lot of women, including myself that have had a bad experience with an improperly cleaned uncut cock, both of civilian men and pros.

And for all men don't forget the balls and to baby powder those things after you dry off to stay cool, fresh, and yummy for the rest of the day.