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Alright Ladies and Gentleman,

I like to blog when I feel inspired, or like today when an event occurs and what I view as being "common knowledge" is in fact not. I have been lucky enough to have ran into some of my celebrity crushes, and I am human just like anyone else I get giddy and nervous and want to inappropriately jump on said celebrity crush...what makes me not cross that invisible line of socially accepted behavior is respect for the other person and well I don't want to come off crazy.

First off Porn Stars are not celebrities, maybe in some people's opinions we are but I personally do not consider us among the main stream elite. We are public figures and we do have fans and unlike celebrities, with the exclusion of those adventurous ones that have "leaked" sex tapes, we have been there in our fans most intimate moments; this leads some fans to feel like they know us on a personal level or that there is an established relationship there.

I can only speak on my own experiences but here are a few pet peeves I have. When you see your favorite star please take these things into consideration:

Location: Is it an appropriate setting to ask for a photo or autograph? If you are at an airport, does she look like shes running late for a flight, maybe she took a red eye flight, maybe she had a transatlantic flight? I know it seems like a lot but personally if I'm scurrying about an airport I don't have time to breath let alone talk...If I took a red eye or flew back from London the last thing I want is to be photographed though I will be more than happy to chat. Also please consider you volume, I have been in an airport with some very loud and rowdy fans and the entire gate was staring at me and that makes me feel super uncomfortable.

Eating: Please please if you see your favorite starlet eating do not interrupt, no one wants to have a face full of cheeseburgers and have someone run up to them, hell I hate when my waiter does it. If I am done chowing down and having a glass of scotch then by all means pop over.

Personal boundaries: Yes you have seen me naked, performing sexual acts, this does not mean we know each other. I have had some very inappropriate encounters where fans have aggressively asked for my number or to take me out and they do not accept "no" for an answer, this is a very scary and uncomfortable situation for any girl let alone when you are a Porn Star. Most girls LOVE meeting fans but please understand we have personal boundaries and respect them, we deserve the same respect as any woman you meet or is in your life, imagine someone harassing your little wouldn't allow that would you?

That moment you recognize your favorite star- We have a special radar as Porn Stars. We know when you recognize us, even from across the bar. Personally I LOVE meeting fans, going on your snapchat, having a round of shots you name it. What I do not like is being starred at or being treated like Big Foot where you're trying to snap a photo of me in my natural habitat without me noticing...RUDE.

Come up ask for a photo and I will be delighted to strike a pose :)


To all of you that I have met and have been rad THANK YOU and I love you, if you have that friend that lacks basic etiquett send them a link