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Hey Everyone,


So I could go on for days about anal and the how tos, but Im going to just touch base on the essentials for now. A lot of what I thought was common sense Im finding out is not, and that is terrifying. So to save butt-holes around the world and the men abusing them lets get started!

First things first, you cannot jump straight to anal, that is just rude. You need to have your partner warmed up and aroused before you even think of putting a pinky in there. This means getting them mentally turned on and physically, for me I like kissing and of course some oral to get warmed up.

Once you get your partner ready to go now we can start heading to the booty. Fact number 1: Assholes DO NOT self lubricate, this was something I thought to be common knowledge, and I was wrong. I don't care if you want to put a thumb in there, a penis, or a foreign object you need LUBE. Assholes are not made to be fucked like pussies are so you need to assist in that department. No lube no entry.

Now lets talk lubricants as that aisle can be a bit intimidating. Water based is a no no, it doesn't last long enough and doesn't give you the smooth back and forth of a silicone based lube. Silicone will last a long anal session and not get sticky which is important for both of you. Coconut oil I have heard is also good but I have not tested that. Remember don't be stingy, you need A LOT of lube, make that ass shine. If you aren't properly lubricating your partners moans are out of pure displeasure and that's embarrassing.

The last thing I will touch base on which should also be common sense but again I found out is not, ASK! Do not enter without ASKING. I have been told by several girls they will go home with a guy and while hes back there he just shoves it in! Listen up boys, yes boys because men don't pull that shit, our assholes are not automatically on the menu, you need ask before you enter that erogenous zone, have some manners. Too many young guys are spoiled and entitled and that's not a turn on, I can only speak for myself but if we haven't even had a date, or casual shag then you do not even mention anal, crawl before you walk as they say.


That sums up my rant for the moment I am certain this will not be the last time we talk anal.